Sprinkler Systems

Best-Chem Sprinkler Systems are ideal for suppressing dust lift off from roads, yards and stockpiles.

Roads are often one of the most visible sources of dust on site.  The dust generated often then travels beyond site boundaries affecting neighbours and attracting complaints.  A well designed sprinkler system can alleviate these issues and provide an efficient, automated solution to your needs.


Efficient use of water

Reduced labour costs

No waiting for a bowser / water truck to fill

No fuel costs

Avoids overwetting

Can operate outside of site working hours


Fully automated systems

Adjustable program cycles

Easy to use interface

Robust system design

Wide range of sprinkler to suits every application

Rain sensor, Remote control, Manual override options

Best-Chem offer a complete design, build and installation service.  The installations are carried out by our own experienced professional team of engineers.

We also offer nationwide maintenance plans to ensure the continued availability of the systems.