High Pressure Misting System For The Recycling Industry

Wood. Metal. RDF. Construction Waste. Plasterboard. Glass. Plastic. Carpets.

Dust emissions from waste recycling operations can be both a nuisance and a real danger.

Health hazard – Exposure to silica, carcinogens, bioaerosols and toxic substances

Fire risk – build up of dust on plant and equipment

Environmental complaints – dust affecting neighbours

Best-Chem has worked with recycling companies to implement solutions that tackle fugitive dust emissions.

Firstly, we ensure that any  solution should not have any adverse affects on the process or the properties of the material.

Secondly we ensure water is used effectively and efficiently.  Instead of a broad application of mist, for example, we look at opportunities for localised targeted suppression, or better still, treating the material to prevent the dust getting airborne in the first place.  This is where our Foam Dust Suppression System has delivered excellent results for customers processing wood and metal for example.

For example, fogging into the general area over a shredding and separating plant will inevitably create a mess over time, as excessive water is sprayed, and any dust that is dampened, will fall and settle across the plant.  Treating the material with dry foam at the shredder and transfer points, however ensures the dust is dampened, with minimal moisture, and will not be released in the atmosphere.

For certain areas, such as hoppers, perimeter fences or for odour control, we recommend High Pressure Misting Systems.  Our systems do not require compressed air, and each system is designed and built to suit the specific application.  We can provide a complete turnkey solution, or we can provide a kit for self-installation.  We also stock an extensive range of pump, nozzles, fittings, tubing and filters to allow you to design your own system or purchase spares.


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