Commercial Mist System for Dust Suppression

Misting Systems for Dust Suppression.

Misting Systems are particularly useful in dust control where one wants to control unavoidable release of dust into the atmosphere.  For example, at dump hoppers, or loading/unloading activities, where there is untreated material and one needs to contain and suppress fugitive dust emissions to prevent them from spreading from the immediate area.

Misting Systems, also known as ‘dry fog’, are therefore often complementary to other dust suppression methods and best used strategically where they can have the greatest effect.

Best-Chem High Pressure Misting Systems utilise a high-pressure pump to force water through fine orifice nozzles to produce fine fog/mist.  The system therefore requires only water and power – there is no requirement for compressed air.

Best-Chem offer a complete service from Initial Survey, through to Design, Build, Installation, Maintenance and Servicing.

Our knowledgeable team will assist to specify a suitable system including:

Optimum nozzle sizing

Flow rates

Nozzle configuration

Pump sizing


Automation options