Dust Suppression Chemicals And Systems Explained

How is a foam suppression system used?

Depending on the nature of the material and the application, nuisance dust emissions can arise causing a host of potential issues.

The foam is applied to the material early in the process and at the points where dust is generated.  In doing so, this treats the fines and ensures they cannot get airborne and remain with the main body of material.

This is a different approach to mist/dry fog or dust extraction which seeks to deal with the dust once it is already airborne.

The use of our foaming agents make better use of the water by improving its wetting properties and expanding its surface area.  Thus producing stunning dust control results with relatively low water consumption.

The Foam is created by our equipment, which combines water, foaming agent and compressed air at precise ratios to create and distribute the foam to the application points.

The chemicals are non-hazardous, biodegradable and have been widely used in a variety of industries.

As part of the Survey and Design process, we will provide specific water and chemical consumption estimates.

A Foam Dust Suppression System requires the following:

Best-Chem Foam Generating Equipment

Pipes and Nozzles

Water Supply

Power Supply

Compressed Air

Foaming Agent

foam suppression system