Foam Suppression Measures and Equipment

Best-Chem has developed a unique method for generating and distributing foam.

This approach has been implemented into our standard range of Foam Generating Units, or can ba applied to larger bespoke application systems.

Standard Foam Generating Units (FGUs):

Available in 4, 6, 8 or 10 - Zone models - each zone corresponds to an application nozzle

Suitable for application points within 100m of the FGU

Each Zone is independently controlled via the control system

Application rates for each Zone can be individually set and adjusted, or isolated as required

Proportional chemical dosing and a variable speed driven water pump ensures consistent foam delivery providing flexibility to operate any combination of nozzles.

Easy-to-use touch screen interface

Ready to integrate with customer’s control system

foam dust suppression unit
chemical dust suppression unit

Larger Application Systems:

Fully customisable bespoke solutions

Unlimited zones

Unlimited distances from pump set to application nozzles

Single centralised pump station can cater for a widely distributed system

Bulk chemical storage options

Option for duty / standby water and chemical pumps

Tailored control system to suit application, operating philosophy and client requirements

Increased instrumentation and telemetry options

Greater visibility and reporting

Larger Systems 1

Containerised Systems:

Best Chem offer packaged systems, with all items pre-installed in a customised shipping containers.  This provides protection to the equipment once on site, and allows for efficient ‘plug and play’ installation.