Quarry Dust Suppression Solutions

With over 20 years experience of dust control in the quarrying industry, our team are able to offer practical and effective solutions to controlling fugitive dust emissions from quarries.

Crushing and Screening

For hard rock quarries, our Foam System offer unrivalled results in controlling dust.  Our low moisture approach ensures the dust is treated at the crushers and/or transfer points.  This reduces dust emissions throughout the plant, and reduces the need for further application downstream, particularly near the screens where excess moisture can cause blinding.

The equipment is easy to maintain and does not interfere with plant operations.

With the increased awareness of the dangers of Respirable Crystalline Silica, it is essential that sites deploy effective dust control and a Foam System can provide an essential engineering control.

Dump Hoppers / Load Outs

For these areas, we recommend our high pressure misting systems.  We design bespoke misting systems to contain and suppress localised dust releases.  The systems are automated to work seamlessly with plant operations, activating either via sensors or customer input signals.

Rail Loading

For rail loading via conveyor, we have successfully deployed our Foam Dust Suppression System.

Key benefits include:

Less dust released during loading

Greater visibility during loading

Less operator exposure to dust

Reduced water in wagons – less sticking of dust in the wagons, material releases easily

Reduced dust emission when wagon is unloaded at destination.

Rail Car Topping

As companies look for more sustainable options for transporting bulk freight, more and more aggregates are moved by rail.  Where material is transported in open wagons, there is the issue of wind erosion, particularly from the dust product.  This can cause an environmental issue and also a health and safety issue if the train passes through stations or built up areas.  Our Rail Wagon Sealant Systems address this problem applying a polymer based coating to the top surface of the material.  The coating then sets to form a crust and seal the dust particles.

Sprinkler Systems for Roads, Yards and Stockpiles

Keeping roads wet can be both a labour and fuel intensive process.  During warm dry periods, it can seem a losing battle, as water trucks are in constant use.

Best-Chem can design, build and install fully automated, fixed water sprinkler systems.  A well designed and installed system can remove a lot of the challenges, and take the job out of the hands of busy staff.