Cement Dust Control Measures

Best-Chem Dust Suppression Solutions provide effective control of fugitive dust emissions during raw material handling and processing.

Our unrivalled Foam Dust Suppression System, can eliminate up to 90% of dust emissions from the crushers, conveying system, transfer points and final discharge from stackers or tripper cars.

Utilising our technology, we are able to treat the dust particles so that they remain with the material and continue to be suppressed as the material travels downstream through the conveying system.

A Best-Chem Foam Dust Suppression System can provide a number of benefits:

Up to 90% reduction in airborne dust emissions

Efficient use of water

Low energy consumption

Requires little maintenance

Reduces dust build up in the plant

Less cleaning required

Better environment for plant, motors, conveyor belts

Cleaner, safer working environment

Reduces environmental impact

For dump hoppers, we provide High Pressure Misting Systems.  They are deployed to control the initial release of dust as materials enter the process.  Thereafter, the Foam System is used to control dust through crushing, screening, conveying, stockpiling.