Foam Systems

 "Preventing dust from getting airborne in the first instance"

The use of Foam Technology is now increasingly being recognised the World over as the most efficient way of controlling nuisance dust emissions in bulk material handling and processing in many industries.  Foam was first introduced for coal handling applications but did not always take favour with users as the application systems lacked sophistication and were not always robust.

Since those early days Best-Chem have invested much effort in research and development and now is arguably a World leader in Foam Dust Suppression Application Systems and this is backed up by their tried and tested chemical formulations to create consistent low moisture foam.

This rise in Dust Foam Suppression as a preferred choice in tackling dust emissions is due to the following key factors;

  • EFFICIENCY - up to 90% reduction in dust levels
  • FLEXIBILITY – Easy to install on fixed and mobile plant
  • PROTECTS EQUIPMENT – with dust eliminated using only a low level of moisture addition, the plant and equipment does suffer damage from dust and excess moisture
  • COST – Cost in use is relatively low