Best-Chem Approach

"preventing dust from getting airborne”

Since our first installation over 10 years ago we have continually refined our process and design of components such that we now offer a Foam System that is:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Fully automated
  • Successful in preventing dust from getting airborne
  • Value for money

By the very nature of the industries that we operate in, every site is different, in terms of:

  • nature of material processed or handled
  • size of plant and configuration
  • volume of mineral processed and hours of operation.
However, by standardising the components that are used we now have a "blueprint” which is then adapted to a particular site’s requirement making our installations bespoke.

The key elements of a Foam System include;

  • Foam Generating Unit ("FGU”)
  • Compressed Air Supply
  • Chemical Supply – Dustrol 70
  • Water Supply
  • Foam Nozzles
  • Hoses

The heart of our Foam System is the Foam Generating Unit. This is where the three elements – water, compressed air and chemical – are precisely combined with the use of pumps and distributed out to application points through a uniquely designed manifold which allows the three elements to be converted in to foam at the appropriate dilution rate. 

This is carefully managed by a control system designed by our engineers and includes a number of important features, which enable the system to be used safely and consistently.  The Foam System is typically operated in "automatic” mode – whereby the foam is delivered to a desired application point based upon the signal received by our control system from the client’s plant.

As standard we specify and supply all the equipment in a modified new shipping container.  The modifications typically include - personnel door, lighting, climate control and a chemical bund. 

Our Foaming Agent – Dustrol 70 is used in most applications and is typically supplied in 1,000L IBCs.  For larger installation the foaming agent is supplied in bulk 24,000L ISO vessels or road tankers.  As part of the installation we specify, supply and install suitable bunded chemical tanks complete with interconnecting pipework.  The storage tank would also have an integral fill point panel which would include a level gauge, low level and high level alarm and also a bund alarm to warn of any tank failure.

We typically offer a turnkey solution and the installation is carried out by Best-Chem engineers including final commissioning and training.  Certain electrical and civil works are carried out with the use of approved sub-contractors managed by our team.



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