Dust Suppression

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of Foam Dust Suppression Systems and specialist Foaming Agents we consistently meet with and exceed customer requirements in eradicating nuisance airborne dust particles in a variety of industries including;

  • Mining
  • Quarrying
  • Coal Fired and Biomass Power Stations
  • Bulk Port Terminals
  • Recycling Industries including – glass, wood, plastic and RDF

In addition to Foam Dust Suppression Systems we also offer a number of other unique products and application systems including;

  • Rail wagon encapsulation systems to prevent dust blow-off during transit.  These are used for coal, aggregate, gypsum and many other minerals
  • Stockpile encapsulation to prevent nuisance dust and loss of product through erosion
  • Suppression of nuisance dust from haul roads

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