Asphalt & Concrete Plant | London


An asphalt and concrete plant receiving over 50,000 tonnes of sand and aggregate by road and rail per week was experiencing high levels of air borne dust due to multiple handling. 

This resulted in dust levels that potentially exceed regulatory guidelines.

A comprehensive and robust solution was urgently required to allow operations to continue in compliance with air quality regulations and prevent possible plant closure.


Best-Chem was invited to survey the site and make recommendations.  A comprehensive report was submitted and Best-Chem was awarded a contract to carry out the necessary works.

These included the following;

  • Yard and Haul Road water sprinkler system – the whole site is zoned and each zone is capable being independently controlled by a plc.
  • Foam dust suppression system for the train discharge and stocking out systems.
  • High pressure misting systems for:
  • Train unloading area
  • Cold feed hoppers
  • Storage bays
  • Loading hoppers
  • Access doors to asphalt plant
  • Transfer points
  • Plastic barrier curtains for the storage bays
  • 10m high concrete bund wall
  • Regular road sweeping
  • Speed restrictions for site vehicles


The fugitive dust emissions form the site activities have now been brought under control – with no complaints from neighbours.